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          The two positions are the focus in the new season, and the veteran defender is more stable


          The chest is ready to show pictures


          In the seventh game, Chelsea were 2-2 on the road to gradbach, while playa and Hoffman scored goals successively. Fortunately, Abrahan and Buckley scored successively to help the team get a draw. It is worth mentioning that these two goals are both penalty kicks, which are a bit of a fluke.


          The disadvantage of the sequence is to lose the trend, a trend of the market, the sequence is almost wrong, you can take a look at the last wave of the main up sequence almost all wrong. However, the trend error belongs to the principle error, so it is very important to ensure that there is no principle error. Structural sequence trend, only the trend can do, but according to the trend of trading, not once is perfect. When breaking the trend, it has risen a lot, and when breaking the trend, it has also dropped a lot.

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          Recently, Juve's Higuain said that if Messi went to the Premier League, Messi would be kicked. Because the Argentinian played for Chelsea last season, his performance is generally due to the fierce defense and stronger pertinence of the Premier League team, so he was invisible in some games, so it is impossible to stay in the team after the end of the season. For the memory of the Premier League is really deep, so Higuain would like to express his views, Argentina teammates naturally do not want Messi's next stop more difficult.

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