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          This summer's several strong reinforcements, the Bundesliga double star were all influenced by Lampard, and finally chose to fight in the blue bridge. Among them, haverts sacrificed some personal interests in order to join the blue army. From this point of view, this fierce general is indeed more valuable. Because there is a clause in the contract between the player and Leverkusen which is due in 2022, hafts can get 10% of the transfer fee. He gave up part of the bonus share in order to transfer to the blues. However, the player's personal income has increased. His five-year contract salary with Chelsea is as high as 100 million euro. The number of players and their families are also satisfied. More importantly, the player will become a leader Material, this is more conducive to the development of career.


          The unexpected draw at Chelsea is an old problem and Lampard's happiness worries. The two most important points in the new season are the two points


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