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          The first game of the new season will start on September 20 and there are still 16 days to prepare for the game, which is crucial for the Premier League. Chelsea will play Brighton in the first round, because the two teams have a warm-up game before and have already known each other. With the strength of the blue team, there is no chance of being left out again.


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          The characteristics of the shock market is like this, up to the height of limited, down can be bargain building, on the performance of the splint trend.

          Fourth, at present, the super main force is still standing still, and all kinds of small and medium-sized institutions are struggling in groups. Although they maintain the activity of the market, they do not have a very concentrated money making effect. Has repeatedly pulled up the plate stocks, it is recommended that every high out. The position is relatively low, or pull up a few stocks, it is recommended to hold shares and wait until they are pulled out.

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