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          Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets fell today, and the industry reappeared the market of drinking and taking medicine. In general, this is a special phenomenon when the market trend is not good. White horse leader rose, subject matter stocks fell sharply, this is the status quo of today's stocks.

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          Day and night

          Prior to the relevant news also said Messi and Barca team-mates said that he will leave the team, which once again confirmed the ball king into the departure countdown. Messi's departure will let everyone's perspective on the Premier League, the new season will also have more expectations and exciting, naturally, a variety of topics will not be less. There is a precedent for the transfer of football king. Looking back on the news that Real Madrid officials announced Ronaldo's official transfer to join Juve on July 10, 2018, the 33 year old Ronaldo signed a contract with the Bianconeri for four years, with a transfer fee of 100 million euro, which was paid in two years. The annual salary of Ronaldo was 30 million euro. This summer Messi's transfer mode can be compared with Ronaldo. City undoubtedly has more financial support than Juve, so a two-year contract is not justified.


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          Mobile phone skills

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