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          Messi transfer can also refer to the example of Ronaldo's transfer to Juve. After Ronaldo's salary reduction, he still has to spend 6000W of Juve's salary space. Fortunately, the salary of other players in the team is not particularly high, so it can be balanced. However, if the team wants to join the strong reinforcements, it has to send some players away. City sent sane away this summer. At present, there are still some players in the team that need to be cleaned up. In addition, the elder Sanchez can also be sent away. In this way, there will be a sum of money for the team to use. However, Sanchez's annual cost is only one third of Messi's, so city also needs multi-dimensional planning.

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          Leicester City suffered a 4-0 defeat to Liverpool because of their successive matches against Manchester City and Liverpool. The second goal was also a penalty for a handball fouled by thuin's corner kick defense. The team is indeed regarded as a penalty team. In this war, chilwell had seven breakouts and one fouled data. If it wasn't for the fierce generals to resolve the crisis, Leicester City might have missed more goals.




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