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          It must be mentioned that guara currently has only one year left on his contract with Manchester City. Under such circumstances, a large amount of money is still needed to buy Messi. At such an age, Messi must have such a famous coach as guara to shine brilliantly again. Therefore, Manchester City still need to consider the issue of renewing his contract with him. If it can be confirmed that guara will be in charge for the next few seasons, Messi's arrival may open a brilliant era. There was also news that Messi had reached an agreement with Manchester City on personal terms, and the result was soon to come, but there is still no news to prove that the deal is very difficult.


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          Due to the impact of the epidemic situation, there are some weak recruitment in the summer, so only Manchester City and Paris can satisfy Messi. In addition, it is said that the possible teams such as Chelsea, Arsenal and Inter are all thinking about it. Guara also mentioned Messi many times in recent years, and recalled the time with Messi and the brilliance of manufacturing together, so from the perspective of guara, he will try his best to promote the deal. Messi's contract with the team will expire in the next summer, because there is a special clause in the contract. In the summer of 2020, Messi can choose to terminate the contract free of charge with Barca. However, the senior management thinks that the time has expired, but if the king of the ball is determined, Barca may give in moderately.

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