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          Capital market is like this, there is no reason to speak. For the competition of Vanke, you can't say who is right and who is wrong. At least the reason why Vanke was favored by everyone was still related to the quality of the company. Vanke is a good company, which we all admit. As a good company, everyone will fight for it. But in terms of the rules, without destroying the company's governance, and keeping the company's good expectations, it is a process of learning, running in and discussing. Therefore, from this point of view, the battle of Vanke is not over.


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          Why do the main funds retreat in this place? Because their positions are too heavy. On the one hand, more than 50% of fund managers are optimistic about the market in September. On the other hand, the proportion of private placement with heavy positions as high as 74.8% is close to 75%. This is a common position of private placement, while the position of public offering is about 84.86%, close to 85%. The proportion of this position is more than 79% of 5178 points, The agency's new incremental funding is actually very limited. In other words, it's time for organizations to cut leeks, which is the season for them to cut leeks.

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