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          Relevant news has revealed that Chelsea have invested 90 million pounds in this general, and there are also some floating terms. If such amount is finally completed, it will be more than that. In addition, Manchester United's acquisition of bogba with 89 million pounds will also become the most expensive introduction in the history of British football. Naturally, there are some people who think the youngster is not worth it, but for the youth storm of Chelsea, hafts is the most suitable candidate.


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          The Shanghai index continued to adjust today, closing down 0.18% to 3356.84, missing the 20 day average. A total of 523.7 billion yuan was transacted in the two cities. Most of the industry sectors closed down, while the securities sector led the decline. The real estate sector bucked the market and strengthened. The banks protected the market, but the strength was limited. The index fell again after the index went up and recovered slightly after a dive before the closing.

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          It will take time for Chelsea to bring in a lot of reinforcements this summer, with new goalkeepers still in the works. At present, Chelsea are ready and the new players have their own number. Last summer, plicic put on the No. 10 shirt left by Azar and William. It seems that his performance last season is worthy of his reputation. Therefore, in the new season's game, plicic is also expected.




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